De autoimmune

De autoimmune

Together we are stronger

When we met four Danish patient associations – for Crohn’s disease, Morbus Bechterew, Psoriasis and Children with Arthritis – they were receiving little attention from politicians and were standing in the shadows of bigger groups, such as the Cancer association.

Finding that ‘the four’ have much in common, we decided to help them unite their efforts. They formed one national association, which would be better placed to attract more attention from politicians and to increase broader public awareness about autoimmune disorders. After carrying out in-depth market research and focus group interviews with patients and association members, we used our knowledge to create an online media strategy. This involved social media initiatives, a website and a blog. We used Facebook to reach the large group of young people who are rarely members of any patient association and the blog to communicate across organizations.

Our strategy and initiatives empowered the associations’ members to reach out to the public, patients and key opinions leaders in an entirely new way. This resulted in a major increase in memberships and also attracted attention from Danish media.


  • Online media strategy
  • Social media
  • Visual design
  • Implementation
  • User experience
  • WordPress CMS