Afinitor digital strategy

Afinitor digital strategy

Release the full potential within advanced breast cancer

We performed a thorough analysis to investigate the needs for digital information and services. Through close dialogue with patients, relatives, nurses and oncologists we revealed the true needs. At the same time we executed a thorough online analysis of existing services, including search engine analysis and review of the digital landscape. We identified a number of gaps that was turned into actions in the digital strategy which enables Novartis to leverage the full potential of the digital media.


  • Digital pre-analysis
  • Digital strategy
What the client says
”The digital strategy work performed by Daman really helped us to steer towards the right initiatives in a multi-stakeholder environment that includes patients, relatives, nurses and breast oncologists. With the strategy developed in place we have a robust plan for succeeding with the product launch and market penetration. In a world of multi-channel marketing this digital strategy has helped us to focus on the right initiatives and link them in an efficient way.”
Martina Kennedy

Franchise Head Oncology